Q: How do I become a member?
Q: What do I stand to gain as a free member?
Answer: We have free expert tips posted on the website daily. You also have access to the free categories on the website.
Q: How can I subscribe for a plan?
Answer: By making payment. You can make payments using bank Deposit or Debit Cards
Q: What do I stand to gain as a paid member?
Answee: Email notification of selection at least 24hrs before kick-off, access to all our categorie, risk management, weekly reports of Betensured’s performance, WIN!!!
Q: What is the difference between Basic and Premium plan?
Answer: You can find that here
Q: How guaranteed are your games?
Answer: We have a team of top notched well researched/informed experts that score over 80% in their accuracy rate. You are guaranteed of making substantial profits.
Q: What happens for failed predictions?
Answer: Remember you have unlimited access to the information provided by our experts over a specific period of days and as such should be able to re-coup any losses incurred due to any unforeseen occurrences/upsets. You do not get refunds for failed predictions rather our team of experts take note of the failed predictions and ensure you get better predictions the next day.
Q: How do I get these daily games sent to me?
Answer: You get the games sent to your email address. Also remember that apart from the emails you receive daily, you also have “unlimited access” to all of the categories you subscribed for on the website as long as your WinBetOdds subscription is active.
Q: How much does your subscription plan cost?
Answer: You can find all our pricing plans here
Q: I can’t access my account/login issues?
Answer: You can reset your password by clicking on the forgot password link on the login page.